Dying Wish is a documentary about hospice patient, Dr. Michael Miller, an eighty-year old, retired surgeon with end-stage cancer who chooses to stop eating and drinking in order not to prolong his dying process, to ease his suffering and to die with grace.


What others have said…

True to life and thoughtful…useful for many audiences!
Joanne Lynn, MD, Author
Handbook for Mortals: Guidance for People Facing Serious Illness

Michael Miller’s commentary on his last days provides the basis for discussion of cultural values and beliefs surrounding death. Dying Wish also stimulates discussion around autonomy and decision-making at the end of life, and shows how the lives and decisions of individuals can bring opportunities for social change.
Jean Scandlyn, PhD, RN
University of Colorado, Denver

Dying Wish is a poignant and powerful documentary of one man’s inspired — and inspiring — decision to take control of his final exit. If you want to “go gentle into that good night,” and on your own terms, Dying Wish is required watching.
Mark Harris, Author
Grave Matters

I have been a physician for over three decades, yet only rarely have I been one of the care givers of a terminal patient. This short film is profoundly moving and I recommend it to all students, trainees, physicians and care givers.
DJ Elpern, MD
Medflix: The Humane Medicine & Film Blog