Question Guide

Click Here for a PDF version of the Question Guide

TOTAL TIME REQUIRED: 1 hr 15 minutes
The session may also fit into 1hr. with less discussion time.

Here is the suggested question list for use by healthcare professionals and volunteers.

1).What end of life topics does the film raise?

2).What aspects of the film might be particularly informative for hospice patients and families?

3).What aspects of the film might resonate with end-of-life professionals?

4).Have you experienced a patient choosing to stop eating and drinking? What was the experience like?

5).When and with whom might you use this film?

6).How could the film facilitate a conversation about choices at end of life?

7).What is your organization’s policy on Patient Refusal of Nutrition and Hydration?

8).How does your organization provide education about end-of-life and about patient choices like this one?